We have a dream and we plan to make it reality. We’re going to buying up land and building spec homes throughout Horry County! Check out our new construction division. We only build Forever Homes from here on out. No more wood. No more Flood worries. No more Rot. No more termite issues. Wanna hear more. Check out the rest of our website to see what we’re doing.

We don’t sell stock. We want the Citizens of our Community to bankroll our dream of building Safer, Smarter Economy Homes that last forever.

My only rule…. No one can invest more than 10K at one time, and this is a loan to Hardee Construction, LLC, paid off upon successful sale of the property with bonuses. We will be setting up a trust through a local attorney to manage this. I don’t expect anyone to trust us with their money.

I’ll be straight up, I want to control the damage that the influx of new home owners is going to bring to our communities that I love so much and I invite our community leaders to call me to discuss my plans.


Jarid Hardee