Hardee Construction – Loris, SC

SC Residential Home Builders serving all of Horry County, SC, including: Little River, N. Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Conway, Surfside and our hometown of Loris for over 40 years. Family owned and operated, we take pride in our work and have been building based off of reputation for years without any advertising. We specialize in Custom Built Homes, where we build your house from the ground up, including, but not limited to: Lot preparation, foundation, framing, roofing, siding, electrical, plumbing, custom cabinets, flooring, driveways and light land scaping. We have the equipment to do it all. We also do remodeling and additions for all residential projects.

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Forever Homes by HARDEE Construction

Introducing our forever homes to the Myrtle Beach area.

Many locations have adopted stricter building codes with hurricanes and flooding causing frequent destruction in our areas.

Skip right past current building codes and we made it tougher.

We’re transitioning to Block Homes with Steel Doors, Steel/Metal Roofs, Impact Windows operating on Solar Power. It’s an Energy Efficient Bunker!

Home Remodeling in Columbus County NC

Hardee Construction, located in Loris, SC also offers services to our neighbors in Columbus County. Call 843-877-9748 to schedule an estimate on your project.

Services offered:

*New Construction (we’re not licensed in NC but we are insured and can act as a subcontractor if you pull the permit)

*Remodeling – any projects under $50,000, don’t require licensing. For projects over $50,000, if you pull the permit, we can work for you.

*Roofing – we offer new roof installation or full roof replacements with shingles or metal roofs.

*Tile Installation- from mosaic backsplashes to tile throughout your home, we do it all. We accept projects of all sizes for new installation. Please note: we only offer repair services for existing customers.

*Electrical and Plumbing- we offer electrical and plumbing services for projects that don’t require inspections, such as adding lighting or installing toilets/vanities, etc. We accept large and small projects and have flat rates for simple things.

*Drywall/Painting – we have one crew that does our drywall and painting. We’re currently only accepting projects with a 1 full room minimum for new construction or remodeling.

*Kitchens/Bathrooms – we complete the entire project with one crew in 1-2weeks depending on the size of your project. We have one crew that will install cabinets, plumbing, electrical, painting, tile and trim. We are currently accepting full bath or kitchen remodels only. Due to the high volume in this area, we’re not currently offering shower replacements unless it’s a tiled shower.

*Flooring – we install many types of flooring but we’re currently only accepting jobs for Tile, Hardwood or Smartcore type flooring with a 1 room minimum. We do not install carpet or vinyl flooring.

*Siding – we install all types of siding (Vinyl, Brick, Hardie Plank, Cedar)

*Decks – we install decks of all sizes but are currently only accepting projects with a 100sf minimum (10×10 deck).

*Home Inspections, Estimates for Insurance Companies or Realtors $120 base fee plus $60/hr. – This includes a full report and estimate for repairs.

For general questions please email us at To schedule please call 843-877-9748.

Roof Replacement by Hardee Construction

Hardee Construction is now offering roofing services directly. We offer reasonable rates and guaranteed work. Check out our rates below to compare with others in the area.

Metal Roof Installation – (1000sf minimum). Installation Labor ranges from $1.5-$2.10sf depending on the difficulty of your roof. For most homes in this area they’re at $1.50sf. For a 2000sf home, that’s $3000 Labor. Current material costs are approximately $1.90sf. – estimate on materials $3800. Total for 2000sf Roof $6800.

Shingles – (1000sf min)we DO NOT recommend using shingles in this area. Due to high winds, constant tropical storms, you will be calling us back every other year to replace shingles. However, if you insist on shingles, we’d be happy to install them for you. Our rates for shingles range from $190sq-$210sq. A square of shingles covers 100sf of roof. On a 2000sf roof, Labor cost would be $3800. Materials for shingles run between $150-$190sq. Total price for shingles approximately $6800.

Makes more sense to do Metal. It has a 40yr guarantee compared to a 25yr guarantee on shingles. If the wind blows it off, that’s not covered.

(Please note: these totals do not include replacing damaged wood or vent covers and other damage to your roof or home. It also doesn’t include dump fees or site cleanup if your project requires any demolition.)

We’re currently only offering partial roof replacement or repairs to existing customers. Our roofing crews are only booking for full roof replacements and new construction. To book our roofing crew, call 843-877-9748.